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Sat. 1: Burkina Faso — Pray God to raise workers for the 10 most unreached people groups in this nation so that they will hear the gospel. Pray that churches would adopt these people groups (Rev. 5: 9–10; Rev. 7: 9).

Sun. 2: Inland of Southern Africa in India Ocean-Continue to pray for protection and open doors for the teams labouring among the Archipelagos (Islands of Comoros, Mayetta and Madagascar) as they seek to reach out to the Moslems. Pray for more labourers especially intercessors and short-term missionaries to encourage the groups on ground.

Mon. 3: Koli People of India- Pray against the hold of Hinduism on the Koli people. Pray for faithful labourers to reach out to this people group with the Gospel and that they may see Jesus Christ as the only Saviour of mankind.

Tues. 4: Burundi-Pray for the peace of Burundi. Pray that the relationship between government and the opposition party will smoothen out for the good of the country. Ask God to grant wisdom and new strategies to missionaries working in the land on how to move the work forward.

Wed. 5: Nigerian Youths– Pray that the Christian youths in Nigeria will go back to the ancient landmark to experience Christ afresh. Ask God to fill their hearts with the knowledge of His glory and cause them get more involved in strategic missions to the unreached.

Thur. 6: Vine Heritage Home: Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF)-Appreciate God for sustaining the children in this Home and for provision of their school needs. Pray for the grace of God to abound on the staff there to bring the children up in the way of the Lord.

Fri. 7: Unreached Nations — Pray for the exposure of the unreached nations to the Gospel in diverse ways like radio, television, Bible, Spiritual books, mission work, social action, etc) and that by these means they would be drawn to Christ.

Sat. 8: Universal Church-Pray for the Church of Christ to gain a new vision for mission work. Pray that the right information about missions will get to the churches and that it becomes a matter of urgency in every church denomination.

Sun. 9: Unity of the Body-Pray that there will be greater networking and partnerships between churches and different mission organizations to reach the various unreached groups. A lack of unity in the approach is probably the greatest reason for the limited progress made by the Church in reaching the unreached groups.

Mon. 10: Soninke people, Senegal– Pray that God’s work will thrive among the Soninke people and that the small number of Soninke believers will experience the compassion of Jesus and boldness to share the Gospel with their people.

Tues. 11: Christian Workers- Pray for the protection of missionaries and other Christian workers particularly in areas where it is dangerous to preach the Gospel. Also, pray for wisdom and fresh anointing from the Holy Spirit to serve. Pray that ministers of the Gospel will develop divine love for the unreached.

Wed. 12: Political Leaders-Pray for the leaders in various countries where there is violence and anarchy that God will visit and reveal Himself to them. Pray also that the people will become weary of violence and seek for peace and stability.

Thurs.13: Mali People- Plead with God to remove every barrier keeping some Malians from accepting Christ. Pray that the people will fully understand that they must forsake all other gods if they desire to call Jesus “Lord”.

Fri. 14: Missionaries-Pray for the outpouring of Holy Spirit upon the missionaries working among unreached people groups and ask God to increase their love and passion for the work. Pray that their faith will remain firm and that tent-making will not be a distraction to them.

Sat. 15: Kanuri People, Northeast Nigeria-Ask God to restore peace in Kanuri land and to protect and sustain those displaced. Pray that God will revive the work of the Gospel in the land and prosper the efforts of the missionaries that served and are still serving there.

Sun. 16: The Unsaved-Pray that there will concerted effort by different church denominations to reach the unsaved with the Gospel. Also, pray that they will yield to the love of Christ as they hear the Gospel preached to them through diverse strategies.

Mon. 17: Church Leaders-Pray that the Church leaders will be committed to the making of faithful disciples and raising quality leaders rather than seeking prosperity and numerical growth; that they committed to the Great commission.

Tues. 18: Professionals-Ask God to thrust Christian professionals into the mission fields as cross-cultural missionaries and pray that they be placed strategically. Pray that Christian homes will be used by the Lord to pray for salvation of the nations.

Wed. 19: Cameroon-Ask the Lord in His mercy to establish peace among the Francophone and Anglophone ethnic groups of Cameroon. Peace in this country will surely help the Gospel to thrive; so pray fervently.

Thurs. 20: MSL USA- Ask God to protect MSL USA members and associates with their families and to grant them boldness, wisdom and utterance to mobilize the Church for missions support.

Fri. 21: MSL Kenya-Appreciate God for His grace and protection upon the leaders and staff members in MSL Kenya. Ask Him to renew their strength and help them to achieve their annual goals. Pray for all that they need to remain in His will.

Sat. 22: MSL UK-Thank for sustaining and protecting the MSL members and their families in the UK. Pray for more of His grace, courage and wisdom to enable them reach out to the Church in the UK and mobilise them for missions.

Sun. 23: Israel-Israel as a nation is currently under pressure to return to the pre-1967 border demarcation. Pray for God’s will to be done and for revival in the nation, asking that His peace will rest upon the nation continually.

Mon. 24: Global Outreach Commission International: Dirim Field-Pray for indigenous pastors on Dirim field to be committed to the caring for the flock under their care. Also, pray for renewed strength for missionaries there so that they will continue to labour faithfully.

Tues. 25: Sierra Leone: Pray against the spirit of African Traditional Religion and  Islam among the rural communities in the land. Pray that the spirit of God will stir up Christians and envision them to focus more on the areas of greatest need in the land.

Wed. 26: Christ Disciples Missionary Foundation-Zah and Bana fields– Pray for grace and protection for the believers in the midst of the Boko Haram insurgency. Ask God to strengthen the missionaries and converts in the face of persecution.

Thurs. 27: Converts on Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF) fields-Pray for the converts facing all kinds of pressures not to renounce their faith in Christ. Ask God to multiply His grace upon their lives and strengthen them in the face challenging situations. Pray that God will raise more ‘Barnabas’’ who will take care of persecuted converts (Acts 9:27).

Fri. 28: MSL Chapter Members: Thank for His grace upon all MSL Chapter Members globally. Pray for greater commitment and sacrifice on each Members part in order to contribute to the advancement of God’s Kingdom under the platform of the MSL.

Sat. 29: Pray that adherents of the world major religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam will know the truth about the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Pray He will be revealed to them in a special way.

Sun. 30: 4/14 Window: Pray for more dedicated Christian workers among the “silent mission fields” called 4/14 Window comprising children and teenagers. Pray that the Spirit of God will bring more young people into the Kingdom in large numbers.

Mon. 31: Europe: Pray for the believers involved in voluntary services in Europe who get immigrants from Middle East exposed to the gospel. Ask God for grace and protection upon them. Europeans are showing less interest in the Gospel. Pray that God will reverse this trend by His Spirit and raise more prayer teams for Europe.