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Frequently asked questions

What is MSL?

MSL stands for Missions Supporters League. We are a Christian Movement focused on raising prayer, material and financial support for cross cultural missions to unreached peoples and creating missions support awareness in the Body of Christ.

How does MSL operate?

MSL objectives are achieved primarily through clusters of like minded individuals drawn from different churches who are grouped together as a “chapter” to adopt an unreached people group for focused prayer, consistent giving and effective partnership with the missionaries. Each chapter holds regular monthly meetings and is administered by a leadership team.

What is “adoption” and what does it entail?

Adoption implies prayerfully identifying a particular mission field the chapter would like to be in partnership with. It involves all actions that will facilitate the attainment of our objectives among the unreached people group and includes prayer, financial and material contribution, periodic field visits and sustained moral support for the missionaries on the field.

Is MSL an Affiliate of any Denomination?

MSL is a non- denominational agency that works in partnership with organizations and local churches in the body of Christ committed to world evangelization.

Who are Cross Cultural Missionaries?

A cross cultural worker is one who has crossed from his/her culture to another for the purpose of making Christ known through proclamation and practice of the Kingdom. He/she often encounters challenges of language, culture shock, loneliness and thus requires supportive relationships to stay focused and effective.

Does MSL send out missionaries?

No. MSL does not recruit, train and deploy missionaries to the fields the way some other mission agencies should. However all MSL staff are missionaries and raise their own personal and ministry support and may be deployed to any location in the exercise of their call and ministry in the MSL

How is MSL funded?

MSL is funded through the goodwill and support of God’s people.

How can I become a member of MSL?

MSL membership is open to all believers in Christ who have experienced a spiritual re-birth and have a personal, growing relationship with Him, belong to a local church and subscribe to the vision of MSL.

What are the responsibilities of MSL members?

Develop a personal passion towards the fulfilment of the Great Commission.
Regular attendance at all MSL gatherings to pray, give and fellowship with others.
Engage in field visits to encourage the ministry of your adopted missionary
Advocate the cause of missions support in your sphere of influence.
Mobilize prayer, material, financial and other forms of support for the adopted field.
Simply put, DREAM big for God!