... an enduring partnership in cross-cultural missions

About MSL


Missions Supporters League (MSL) is a Movement of Christians, charged with the task of mobilizing the Church for the salvation of nations. We partner missionaries by raising prayer, material and financial support for all levels of mission work and the Great Commission in general. It is our firm conviction in the MSL that the task of making disciples for our Lord Jesus Christ in every nation is the responsibility of every christian.

The MSL mandate in missions is expressed primarily through chapters, made up of clusters of christians from different backgrounds teaming up to fulfill a common objective of working in partnership with missionaries in the advancement of the gospel. Each chapter is administered by officials that work with the membership to ensure that the MSL vision is fully discharged.


Each chapter of the MSL is expected to undertake the following:

Prayer Support:

The place of prayers in missions cannot be overemphasized. It is therefore expected that members are involved in prayers at corporate and individual levels. The MSL 1:30 prayer project affords members across the globe to pray for missions round the clock. MSL Prayer Web and other prayer guides are also available.

Financial & Material Support:

Taking the gospel to the nations requires the financial and material component. Chapters are expected to mobilize these necessary ministry tools for their adopted mission fields.

Monthly Meeting.

Identify a suitable, central and easily accessible meeting venue for the chapter to meet once a month for a maximum of two hours.

Adoption of Mission Field.

All chapters must adopt a mission field or people group for prayer and material support.

Field Visitation:

Field visitation is an integral part of ministry responsibility. Each chapter is expected to visit it’s adopted mission field once in a year or at least once in two years if it is a foreign field.

Missions Support Awareness Campaigns:

All chapters of the MSL are to embark on corporate awareness drives periodically to get christians within their locality aware of missions support and mobilize them for involvement in the work.

Some Community Projects Executed by MSL Chapters include:

  1. School buildings
  2. Church buildings
  3. Clinics/Dispensaries
  4. Motorcycles/Bicycles
  5. Boreholes/Wells
  6. Missionary kids school fees
  7. Training of converts/second generation missionaries
  8. Medical outreaches/Supply of drugs
  9. Public address systems
  10. Generators, Television sets,DVD players
  11. Economic empowerment projects
  12. Farming projects, etc