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New Frontiers Conference

New Frontiers Conference

The New Frontiers™ of the Missions Supporters League (MSL) is a Conference/programme aimed at engaging and mobilizing the Nigerian Christian youth for missions among the unreached people groups of the world. This is based on the command of our Lord Jesus Christ as stated in Mathew 28:19-20.

The Nigerian Church is endowed with a large population of talented, skilful and potentially useful youth whose gifts and calling can be harnessed to build God’s Kingdom among the unreached peoples. A cursory look around reveals the latent force that the youth in Churches across Nigeria hold for advancing God’s Kingdom. We therefore, have a responsibility to partner with the Holy Spirit to mobilize and give direction to this group of individuals that are so strategic in God’s agenda in our time and generation.

All through history God has used young people to do His work and we have good example in recent history of the trio of Roland Bingham, Thomas Kent and Walter Gowans who in their early twenties God sent them to Africa (The White Man’s Grave) to pioneer the work Sudan Interior Mission, now Serving in Mission (SIM). This mission agency is what gave rise to what we now know as Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA).

The New Frontiers™ is a platform that God is using to raise many frontier missionaries and missions mobilizers for the task of taking the Gospel to the remaining over 6,000 unreached people groups.

is an initiative geared towards mobilizing 10,000 youths every 5 years for involvement in different aspects of missions.

It’s usually an exciting and adventurous 3 days camping, activities ranging from group discussions, teachings, games, prayers for the world, music, spoken word concert, skilled counselors guiding youths and personal and ministry relationships fostered.

In 2015 we held New Frontiers camps in four states in Nigeria.

In the city of Jos, Plateau state, Zaria, Kaduna State, Owerri, Imo State and Abuja the federal capital of Nigeria.
We had other youths coming from neighboring states to attend.
The Traveling Teams are trained and empowered to envision youth groups, ministries and university students all over the nation to rise up and join God in reaching the world for Jesus Christ. “Think of us as a missions conference on wheels”.

There are thousands of college students who are uninformed about God’s heart for the world. They are looking to live for something that is bigger than money but are not finding it. We are therefore, seeking to connect them with God’s plan for all believers to be involved in reaching the lost and students provide a powerful force that can be harnessed for this purpose.  Students and youths have been behind history’s greatest missions movements.

A periodic music/spoken word worship concert hosted by New Frontiers featuring various artistes to promote radical pursuit of God and living for Gods glory all over the earth.



Xplore (Nigerian contextualized version) is a 6-lesson study to help believers discover the biblical theme of God’s global purpose, the task remaining in frontier missions, major world religions, and how they can participate in God’s global purpose, no matter their location or vocation.

Xplore participants will discover:

  • God’s Word — Does the Bible have a common theme that ties it all together, or is it just a collection of great stories?
  • God’s World — Did you know there are more than 7 billion people on the planet today? Who are they? What do they believe? How is the church involved?
  • God’s Work — What is our purpose? How do we fit into God’s plan? Does one person really make a difference? How can we start?.

Course content

The 6 Lessons of Xplore:

  • God’s Word: God’s Heart
  • God’s World: THUMB
  • God’s Work: Praying
  • God’s Work: Sending
  • God’s Work: Welcoming
  • God’s Work: Going
  • God’s Work: Mobilizing

After challenging students with a biblical and God-centered talk on missions, the team will give them application steps during both the corporate and breakout times.

We can provide them with resources and personal follow up.

We can link them in to several prominent mission agencies to allow them to use their degrees.

We send teams of their peers to be an outside voice that they hear in a fresh new way.

We are currently developing a New Frontiers Traveling Team through 8 weeks of training using the Xplore course

6 weeks of class training (Every Sunday)

7th week is the concert

8th week is the scheduled to be a 3days Mission Field Visit in a cross cultural field

Started from March 23rd 2016 and would end on 1st of May in Jos, Plateau.

In conclusion our intention is not just to mobilize youths to engage in different aspects of mission but to help them to develop a biblical world view

Visit our website www.mslnewfrontiers.com or contact the youth mobilizer to be part of us (08035090841)